FOOD XX is a platform and movement that delivers empowering content for womxn by womxn in the food and drinks industry in South Africa.

FOOD XX reflects the current zeitgeist and is at its core, an annual conference and awards ceremony that lives online throughout the year as digital content. The key focus of FOOD XX is to provide a safe space where womxn can help other womxn to achieve their dreams, provide support and have much-needed conversations.


FOOD XX Awards 

In partnership with Eat Out we honoured womxn food makers, producers, writers, educators and change makers alike in the following categories.


*Woolworths Giving Back Award — Margot Janse of Isabelo

*Front of House Award — Gosia Zielińska, Sommelier at The Pot Luck Club

*In the Kitchen Award — Karen Dudley of The Kitchen

*Alcohol Award – Lucy Beard, distiller Hope on Hopkins

*Burger King Fresh Voices in Food Award — Ishay Govender-Ypma

*Woolworths Farming Award — Mokgadi Mabela, bee keeper and founder of Native Nosi

*Krone Entrepreneurs Award — Hilda Adams, fisherwoman, activist and founder of Weskus Mandjie

*Food Stylists Award — Caro De Waal

*Food Heritage Award — Mpho Tshukudu and Anna Trapido

*Food Educator Award — Jackie Cameron of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine

*Spier Sustainability Award — Roushanna Gray of Veld and Sea

*Woolworths Future Food Award — Zayaan Khan

*Bakers Award – Nikki Albertyn of LionHeart

*Secret Ingredient Award – Brigitte Lilley of Jason Bakery

*Food Icon Award — Dorah Sitole


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